The Group

About us

Grupo Empresarial Larrión consists of six business organisations with long histories in the steel cutting, cabling and electronics industries. With headquarters in Navarra, it is also present in the Basque Country and Madrid.

The Group has been created in order to lead these industries nationally and obtain synergy to gain international presence, offering an outstanding comprehensive service in line with customer requirements.

Incorporating the latest technology and ensuring the professional advancement of its employees, Grupo Empresarial Larrión aims to become a strong, solvent business organisation which leads the market in each of its business divisions.

With a workforce of more than 200, Grupo Empresarial Larrión is composed of longstanding companies with more than 20 years’ experience which are strong in their respective markets and concur both in maintaining a permanent commitment to improving the products and services they provide and a vision which involves taking care of the environment and their workers.

  • Club Lakarri

Grupo Empresarial Larrión has materialised it commitment to young talent and enhancing the opportunities of minority sports by supporting the Lakarri Archery School in Navarra and its promising young archer Irati Zurbano.

The Lakarri Club, located in the Valley of Egüés, is an archery school for children aged 8 to 16 which applies a dynamic, fun, participatory approach, values that Grupo Empresarial Larrión supports.

Grupo Empresarial Larrión also helps the promising 21-year-old Navarrese archer Irati Zurbano with the purchase of equipment and the cost of travel to attend competitions. Zurbano, Spanish champion at the age of 14 and gold medallist at the European Archery Festival, came 19th at the World Championships held in Italy in September 2018.