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Grupo Empresarial Larrión provides a comprehensive metal-cutting service for different sizes and qualities, using the latest machinery. Our companies Oxicortes Industrial (Navarra) and Fercoa (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) are specialised in all the cutting techniques: oxyfuel, plasma and laser.

We work over all the parts, removing excess material, sharp edges and cutting imperfections to obtain a perfect finish. At the customer’s request, we identify all the parts as units and offer a folding and bending service for different thicknesses of sheet metal, as well as a threaded hole service. On request, we deliver finished parts painted or treated with antioxidant and galvanised. We also fold, blast, punch and machine parts.

We have shipping and logistics services to get orders to the customer’s premises in time, guaranteeing deadlines and complying with our commitments.

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In 2016 and 2018, Grupo Empresarial Larrión made investments worth two million euros. chiefly focusing on its oxyfuel and laser lines, to improve its steel-cutting business and expand the product and service portfolio it offers its customers.

We work with machinery which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to perform all types of metal-cutting processes at our outstanding facilities, capable of accommodating the largest workloads imaginable.

We also rely on auxiliary machinery to carry out all kinds of work (puncher, welding equipment, flattener, shot blaster, beveller, etc.). We have propane, oxygen, nitrogen and special gas installations.


We perform services for companies working in areas as varied as construction, boiler-making, pump manufacturing, haulage trailer and semi-trailer building, agricultural machinery, renewable energy and the automotive industry. Our customers include small and large boiler-making firms, machining companies, die manufacturers, crane builders, steel construction companies and machine manufacturers.

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Oxicortes Industrial and Fercoa have ISO 9001-2015 certification, which accredits the quality management programmes they follow for all the work they carry out. In line with their commitment to improving and respecting the environment, the three companies are ISO 14001-2015 certified.

All the materials we use come with the relevant quality certification issued by the manufacturer, guaranteeing their traceability from the time of purchase to delivery to the customer. At the request of customers, we perform sample testing, external testing and ultrasound analyses of the materials.

ISO 9001-2015ISO 14001-2015

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