Cayata Meco


Through Meco (Zamudio, Basque country) and Cayata (Getafe, Madrid) , all companies specialising in cabling and connections, Grupo Empresarial Larrión designs, manufactures and assembles cabling for all types of applications. Occupying a total surface area of more than 7,300 m2, the three companies complement each other to allow the group to offer a very wide range of industrial services with the capacity to work with and form any type of cabling regardless of its final application, size or technical specifications.

We guarantee that our products are eco-friendly and we are committed to sustainability in all our activity. We use the most advanced means of production available in the sector and rely on highly trained professionals to achieve products and processes which stand out for their competitiveness, flexibility and quality.

We pay particular attention to quality through the control and testing process carried out at the Cayata laboratory.

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In 2018, Grupo Empresarial Larrión invested almost €300,000 euros in new machinery for the cabling division, equipping Meco and Cayata with a wide range of machinery and tools, all made by leading manufacturers. These include several automatic cutting, stripping and crimping lines, and permit special marking, pad printing, polyamide injection, pipe cutting and assembly processes.

In addition to these state-of-the-art measuring, cutting, stripping and scrimping machines with marking process included, the companies’ tools, presses and applicators are also made by leading brands and have all the required certification. We also have different methods of control and electric testing, on both test benches and switchboards made by the best suppliers in the market.


Although our customers belong to very different sectors, we are able to provide them with the services they need thanks to how the companies in the group complement one another. We work for companies in the automotive industry producing conventional, electric and hybrid vehicles: passenger cars, industrial, commercial, agricultural and large passenger vehicles, which we supply with signal and power cabling, producing complete sets for entire vehicles. We also work for different white goods manufacturers, improving the everyday lives of millions of households through the home appliances they produce. We have other customers in the industrial and commercial refrigeration industry, the general packaging machinery, machine-tool, vending, photovoltaic and wind-energy sectors, and even the aerospace and defence industries.


The cabling companies have their own quality department to manage and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, ISO 14001 environmental management certification, ISO/TS 16949 certification and UL certification.

Cayata, in Getafe (Madrid), is home to our laboratory, which is equipped and prepared to carry out all the tests needed to ensure the quality of the materials used and the effectiveness of our production processes. The laboratory tests for durability, ohm resistance in cables, strength (terminal/cable traction) and electrical puncturing (up to 50 Kw), and also calibrates and checks the control equipment we use. We have measuring equipment, a profile projector, puncture voltage equipment for up to 50 kW, precision scales and refrigeration equipment, among other things.

Our laboratory staff are trained and qualified to perform the additional internal tests that our customers require.

Cayata Meco